The Pegasus Myth

In Greek myths there are various legends whose protagonists are gods, titans, heroes ... however there are myths based on other types of beings as in the case of Pegaso. Without further ado we leave you with this great greek myth for kids (which will also delight adults) about this famous horse with wings.

short pegasus myth

Would you like to know a fantastic story of a flying horse, mythological characters and great adventures? I want to show you the funniest legend of Pegasus, a horse out of the ordinary. This fanciful creature was present during the time of Olympus and was forever fixed in the sky.

Spend an exciting time getting to know Pegasus, the horse with the wings, which made it very special in the Greek mythology. Here you will see how this equine is created in a mysterious way, it came to belong to one of the most powerful gods of Mount Olympus and why a beautiful constellation bears his name. You will see that you will love reading about this story.

Who was Pegasus?

How could this fabulous creature be formed? There are two totally different versions of its origin. One of them is that it comes from the blood of Medusa and was created at the bottom of the sea, hence its name meant "Spring." Other is that Poseidon turned into a horse to be with Medusa and it was when she got pregnant.

When he was born his twin brother also came into the world Chrysaor, the Golden boy, who was not the least bit like Pegasus. Both were part of amazing comics along with the other heroes of ancient Greece.

This horse was characterized by having two amazing wings that allowed it to fly over Olympus, in the company of Zeus, the god of the Earth, who liked its abilities so much that he decided to take it over after knocking down Bellerophon, its old owner.

Bellerophon and Pegasus

The former owner of Pegaso was known as “Bellerophon”. In principle it was called "Leophontes", But once he murdered Belero they started calling him that. There are different versions of how he got the horse. One of them was having received it as a gift from Poseidon. Another was finding him at the Pinero fountain while he was drinking water. The latter is a gift given by the goddess Athena.

This latest version is the safest that has ever occurred because it coincides with the story of the Chimera destruction, a terrible two-headed monster that had whipped the populations and all their animals. It was characterized by having the body of a goat, its tail was a snake and its heads were that of a lion and a dragon, it spit fire to burn everything in its path.

According to legend, after Belero's death, Bellerophon feels the need to purify himself to go to Tirinto and asks King Preto for help. With his bad luck, the king's wife falls in love and does various tricks to win the sympathy of the unfortunate young man. As he did not get what he wanted, the evil queen lied about him, forcing her husband to remove him from the castle and send him to his father-in-law.

The father-in-law Yóbates wants to get rid of him, what does he do to achieve it? He is tasked with killing the fierce Chimera beast. In view of how difficult this assignment would be for Bellerophon, the goddess appears Atenea playing a very important role: gives him the golden bridle to tame Pegasus.

In this way he did it and they formed the perfect team that took down the fearsome Chimera monster. In a short time they managed to win against the warrior women daughters of Are, god of war, better known as The amazon, thus earning respect on Olympus.

Unfortunately Bellerophon was filled with pride and wanted to be one more god. Zeus, totally annoyed by his daring, sent an insect to bite Pegasus. This caused the young warrior to fall to the precipice, thus being crippled for life and without his flying horse. Once free he goes to Olympus where he is received with great joy.

Pegasus Adventures on Mount Olympus

Once Pegasus is released, Zeus receives him on Olympus and spends the rest of his life with these gods. During his stay he was present at a famous singing contest where the Muses daughters of Piero performed. These melodious voices were so impressive that the Mount Helicon it magically rose higher and higher up to the sky. Faced with such a threat, Poseidon told Pegasus that he kicked the mountain and it returned to normal. On that side arose the Hypocrene Fountain.

Another recognition to tell of Pegasus, was his appointment as Bearer of Lightning and Thunder from Zeus, a highly coveted accolade. In addition, he had the joy of guiding the chariot of the goddess Aurora as each dawn began.

The constellation of Pegasus

The most beautiful gift that Zeus could give Pegasus was to turn it into a beautiful constellation. In this way he became immortal in a set of stars where the four main ones are: Markab, Scheat, Pegasi and Alpheratz; which form the quadrant. And so that he was not alone, he left him accompanied by other immense constellations, the closest being: Andromeda and Lacerta.

This beautiful legend shows you the value of pets in all the adventures you can have in life. Pegasus can be any animal, and could form inseparable bonds with you and make the best team of companions in many unforgettable moments.

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