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Si amas locutiones, primum fac ut recte scripta sint, cum propter ignorantiae causas et celeriter admonere cupientes, errare, in quibusdam, irremediabiles. Quam ob rem, ut mala tempora cum socio nostro evitemus, optimum est interpres virtualis utendi ut caveat locutionem Anglicam recte esse vel nostram novisse. 100 Phrases Amoris Anglice !!, (Infra ⬇⬇).

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E contra, si consilium tuum est ad figuras orationis plenas amoris et affectionis, bene est professio atramenti, qui hanc linguam novit, quia hoc tibi plus fiduciae faciet, imponendo cutem tuam pro reliquis. tempus. vita tua.

Ex altera parte, hae locutiones amantes non solum adiuvabunt te ut vincas hominum somniorum tuorum, sed etiam te cum dilecto tuo reconciliare permittam. Temptamus, hos apices adhibe et nos tibi confirmamus socium tuum tibi mala omnia ignoscere.

Etiam, si vis assidue in hac lingua uti locutionibus, sed discurrere bene, alterutrum est tuum intimum animum transferre per instrumenta electronica, exempli gratia, bonus interpres fieri potuit tuum magnum socium ad accendendam passionem tuam. duobus.

Noli commoveri! Explorate et ostende affectus tuos singulari et incomparabili modo. Pro certo habemus socium tuum tibi gratias agere et multa puncta in tua relatione ustulo. Hic tibi providemus omnibus necessariis instrumentis ad te utendum amor Phrases Anglice Optime potest. Fors sume! Quia amor et particeps tua digna est.

Consilium stupri cum his phrases

Si in stupro consilia sunt amor Phrases AngliceDico tibi necesse est optimam esse optionem, quia iucunde modus est ut omnes sensus tuos sine aliis animadversionibus exprimas. Praestantissimi sententias cum translatione eorum, qua uti potes, sunt:

  • "
    I can’t stop thinking about you

    " (Non possum de te cogitare).

  • "
    in you i’ve found the love of my life and my best friend

    " (In te inveni amorem vitae meae et amicissimo meo)

  • "
    My heart is perfect because you’re inside

    " (Cor meum perfectum est quia intus es).

  • "
    You’re the only one for me

    " (Solus unus mihi es)ut pauca dicamus. Quomodo non amare illas voces quae animam tangunt?

Optimum C amor Phrases Anglice pro se vel her

Sequuntur 100 sententiae brevibus vel longis locutionibus cum translatione sua componuntur. Has auctoritates amabis, amicitiae, classicae, musicae, litterae, philosophicae et venereae.

Famous 'classic' phrases


Love, among the gods is the friend of the man, the doctor, the one who brings back to the old condition, trying to make one who is two, the love tries to medicate the human nature. (Platon)
  • Amor, inter deos, est amicus hominis, medicus, qui ad antiquas conditiones redit, aliquem qui biennium efficere conatur, amor humanam naturam medicare conatur.


Jupiter smiles perjury lovers. (Ovide)
  • Iuppiter ridet periurii amatores.


One word frees us from all the weight and pain of life: this word is love. (Sophocles)
  • Unum verbum nos ab omni vitae pondere et dolore liberat: hoc verbum amor est.


Will display a love filter without poisons, or herbs, no magic formulas: if you want to be loved, love! (Seneca)
  • Filtrum amoris ostendet sine venenis, vel herbis, sine formulis magicis: si amari vis, ama!


True love has never been measured. (Properce)
  • Amor verus numquam metiri potest.


There is another light, for me much more reliable than these, under his direction, my love is lost in the darkness. (Ovid, Leandro letter I)
  • Est alia lux, multo certior his me, Te duce, meus in tenebris perit amor.


You had to wake up in the eyes, at night, in the mind, when the eyelids are closed, won by peaceful sleep. What effect would it have produced in me, personally, if I loved you without you I had yet seen? (Ovid, letter from Paris to Elena)
  • Expergisci oportet in oculis, in nocte, in mente, ubi clausis palpebris, placido crant somno. Quid me autem efficeret personaliter, si te sine te amarem quod nondum videram?


Give me a thousand kisses, then a hundred, then another thousand, then another hundred, then another thousand, then a hundred. Finally, when we will be given thousands of mescoliamoli kisses well, so envious looks that we can not count them. (Catullus)
  • Da mi basia mille, dein centum, dein mille altera, dein altera centum, dein altera mille, dein centum. Denique cum milia basiorum inter se dederimus, bene tanta invidia est ut ea numerare non valeamus.


I hate, if I can; otherwise, I will love despite myself. (Ovide)
  • Odi, si potero; aliter diligam me invito.

Phrases venereum movie


Kiss Me, Stupid (Kim Novak to Dean Martin Kiss Me, Stupid)
  • Da mihi Stultum


There was a man, he treated me really bad. It was wonderful. (Audrey Hepburn talks about Gregory Peck vacation in Rome)
  • vir fuit, pessime me tractavit. Res mira.


I am better than chocolate. (Debra Winger Richard Gere Officer and Gentleman)
  • Melior sum quam scelerisque


You are a coward, you have not the slightest courage, not even easy and instinctive to recognize that in this world you fall in love! It must belong to someone because this is the only way to be happy! (George Peppard Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany)
  • Tu timidus es, levissimae fortitudinis non habes, ne faciles et insitas cognoscas te in hoc mundo amare. Dicendum quod alicui conveniendum est, quia hic est solus modus ut beatus sit!


Open your eyes and look at me. No, I do not even kiss you, although you need. That’s the problem: you should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how to do it. (Clark Gable to Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind)
  • Aperi oculos tuos et vide me Imo etiam te ne basia, etiam si opus est. Ita res est: osculare debes, et saepe, et ab eo qui scit facere.


A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets. (Kate Winslet Leonardo di Caprio in titanic)
  • Cor foemineum est arcanorum oceanus profundus.


I know who you are close to my heart every hour you are. I know who you are, all my dreams the subject is sweet to you. (The Sleeping Beauty)
  • Scio qui es in corde meo omni hora ut sis proximus. Scio qui sis, omnia somnia, dulce tibi subiectum.


I am a simple girl who is in front of a guy and asks you to like him … (Julia Roberts Hugh Grant in Notting Hill)
  • Puella simplex sum quae ante puerum est et eum interrogat ut ei placet.


Oh, Sabrina, Sabrina … Where have you been all my life? (William Holden Audrey Hepburn Sabrina)
  • O Sabrina, Sabrina, ubi fuisti tota vita mea?


Often, it’s not the physical appearance that we do, but the ways to make a person attractive. (Marilyn Monroe)
  • Saepe interdum, non corporis speciem facimus, sed vias ad hominem amabilem.


Love is like the wind, but do not see it, I know it exists because I feel it. (Mandy Moore Shane West A walk to remember)
  • Amor venti similis est, sed eam non video, existere scio quia sentio.


Love can never be described in the manner of the sky or the sea or any other mystery. And «the eye with which we see, is the delinquent in the holy, is the light in the color. (Mel Gibson The Million Dollar Hotel)
  • Amor caeli vel maris vel cuiuslibet alterius mysterii modus numquam describi potest. Oculus autem, quo cernimus, reus est in sacris, id est lux in colore.


Poetry, beauty, romance, love: these are the things that keep you alive. (Robin Williams Dead Poets Society)
  • Poesis, pulchritudo, romance, amor - haec sunt quae te vivum servant.


Cannon shots? No, he’s a beating heart. (Ingrid Bergman with Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca)
  • Tormentum ictus? Nullam sed pellentesque est.


Love is like oxygen! Love is a wonderful thing, raises us to heaven! All you need is love! (Zsa Zsa Gabor in Moulin Rouge)
  • Amor similis dolor! Mira res est amor, ad coelum nos erigit! Omne quod requiris amor est!


Be ‘, forget the brain and listen to your heart. I do not feel your heart because the truth, my darling, is that it makes no sense to live if it misses this … (Brad Pitt in Meeting with Black Joe)
  • Esto', obliviscere cerebri et cor tuum audi. Non sentio cor tuum, quia veritas, mi carissimi, nihil est quod vivere, si hoc perdis.


Dreams are closed wishes at the bottom of my heart, in the dream, we seem a real and everything speaks of love. (Cinderella)
  • Somnia sunt cupiditates quae intimo corde claudunt, in somnio, vera et omnia quae de amore videntur. (Cinderella)


I like the fact that you have cool when out there is 25 degrees. I like the fact that you need an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love the little line that forms on the nose when you look at me like I was crazy. I like that after spending a day with you, can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I like the fact that you are the last person you want to talk to before falling asleep at night. Not that I feel alone, and nothing to do with the fact that it’s New Year. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want that the rest of your life starts as soon as possible. (Billy Crystall Meg Ryan in When Harry Meets Sally)
  • Placet hoc quod frigidum est cum 25 gradus extra. Hoc mihi placet quod horam et dimidiam accipit fartum ordinem. Amo lineolas formans in naso tuo cum me aspicis sicut Furiosa sum. Amo quod consumpto apud te die unguentum tuum in vestibus meis adhuc olere possum. Et amo quod tu es ultimus homo qui loqui vult ut ante noctem dormiat. Solus non sum, nihilque cum eo quod est Novus Annus. Hac nocte huc veni, quia cum scias te velle reliquam vitam tuam apud aliquem degere, vis reliquam vitam tuam quam primum incipere.


The candle that shines twice its splendor, burn in half the time. (Harrison Ford Sean Young in Blade Runner)
  • Candela quae bis tam clare lucet, dimidio tempore exurit.

29. «

Molly, I love you.» – «Ditto.» (Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost)
  • Molly, te amo. - «Ditto»

30. «

You’re late.» – «You’re beautiful.» – «You’re not late.» (Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman)
  • "Sis nuper". "Pulchra es". - "Non nimis sero est"


Bruce: «No. I want her to be happy anyway, whatever it entails, I want you to find someone who treats her with all the love she deserves from me. man who always see as I see him now through your eyes. «God.» This is a prayer «(Jim Carrey Morgan Freeman speaks Jennifer Aniston Bruce Almighty).
  • Bruce: «Minime, volo eam usquam esse felicem, scio quid inferat, volo eam invenire aliquem qui eam toto amore, quem ex me promeruit, tractabit, volo occurrere ... homini qui eam adhuc videt. nunc per oculos eorum facio. "Deus." Haec est oratio.

Phrases in Musica


Love demands everything and has the right to do it. (Ludwig van Beethoven)
  • Amor omnia postulat et ius est facere.


You are the breath that always takes my breath, the only name that comes to me as I try the words. You are the way I do me … (Claudio Baglioni, no more)
  • Tu spiritus es, qui semper aufers Me spiritus auferens, Unicum nomen quod venit in mentem Dum verba quaerit. Vos modo id faciam ...


Some say that the rain is bad, but do not know what allows the head high turn with his face covered with tears. (Jim Morrison)
  • Quidam dicunt, quod pluvia mala est, sed non permittit caput in altum vertere, facie obducta lacrimis.


Whatever they are going to hurt you in life, you must decide who is worth the pain. (Bob Marley)
  • Quisquis tibi in vita laedit, statuendum est quis tanti sit.


They say that love is life, I die of love. (Jim Morrison)
  • Amorem dicunt vita, amore morior.


You are in me, like the high tide … (Antonello Venditti, High Waters)
  • Tu in me velut aestus...


A prisoner in infinite prison, I would feel if you are not in my heart. (Jovanotti, All the love I have)
  • Captivus in carcere infinito, sentio si non in corde meo.


I ask you, go in a moment, my life is in the balance, but I ask you. beautiful star, shines through tears, back … (Alessandra Amoroso, enchanting Stella)
  • Quaeso, abi momento, vita mea in trutina, sed te rogo. stella pulchra per lacrimas relucet.


I will give you the address of my heart, I will always make you. (Biagio Antonacci, eternity)
  • Directionem cordis mei dabo tibi, semper ero.


I have nothing left, now that I illuminate the immense love and outside. (Laura Pausini, Vivimi)
  • Nihil mihi superest, nunc ut immensum amorem et extra illuminem.


Are you wine and bread, a natural need! Are you a storm that brings the sun from me, gently … (Laura Pausini, Urgency of love)
  • Esne vinum et panis necessitas naturalis? Tempestas es quae educis me solem leniter ...


In love more and more in the depths of the soul for you eternal … (Lucio Battisti, an adventure)
  • In amore magis ac magis in profundis animae pro te aeterna.


I am in darkness and think of you, I close my eyes and think of you, I do not sleep and think about you .. (Lucio Battisti, And I think of you)
  • In tenebris sum et cogito de te , claudo oculos meos et cogito de te , non dormio et cogito de te .


Thank you for making me break my heart finally light can enter. (Irene Grandi, At the doors of the dream)
  • Gratias tibi ago quod cor me frangis, lux tandem intrare potest.


There is nothing else I want, your eyes meet again, unsubscribe and reborn. (Renato Zero, While I’m waiting back)
  • Nihil aliud volo, iterum conveniant oculi tui, subscribe et renascendi.


You die a little to live … (Caterina Caselli, With you, I’m not over)
  • Parum morieris , ut vivas .


When you are here with me this room has no walls … (Gino Paoli, The sky in a room)
  • Cum hic apud me es, hic locus muros non habet.


I want to go away from you that you have dripped my heart … (Claudio Baglioni, via)
  • Te volo effugere quod cor destillasti ...


For you, that you are the best thing that has happened to me. (Jovanotti, you)
  • Tu enim es optimum quod mihi umquam accidit.

50. Tu quotiens cadis et flores tuos collige et hanc viam sequeris, fugam amittes et nunquam intervenies, quia quod volo tecum esse, nulla vincula tecum esse (Ron, non opus est verbis)

  • Elevatus es toties quoties cadis et tolles flores tuos et hanc viam sequeris, fugiesne fuga tua, nunquam intervenies, quia quod volo tecum esse, sine vinclis tecum?


It is so hard to forgive those who made you cry and feel bad, but there is only one life and I want with you, with all its problems, all that there is. (Ivana Spagna, People like us)
  • Difficillimum est illis ignoscere qui te clamat et mala sentiunt, sed una tantum vita est et volo tecum, cum omnibus suis quaestionibus, quae ibi sunt.

Phrases in litteris


Blessed be «the day and the month and the year and the season, and the time and the time and the point of the beautiful land, and the place where I was, came from your beautiful eyes which bound ‘anno (Francesco Petrarca, song book)
  • Benedictus « dies, et mensis, et annus, et tempus, et tempus, et tempus, et punctum speciosæ terræ, et locus ubi erat, ex oculis tuis pulchris, qui alligati sunt.


The desire that man must love is infinite, however not, if not for the man you love, a limitless love. (Giacomo Leopardi)
  • Desiderium quem hominem amandum esse infinitus est tamen, si non hominem quem amas, amor sine limitibus.


Take my bread if you want, take my air, but do not take away from your smile. (Pablo Neruda)
  • Panem meum sume si vis, sume aerem, sed ne auferas risus.


If you read these verses, forget the hand that wrote them: I love you so much that I would not stay in your sweet thoughts, if the thought of making me suffer. (William Shakespeare, beloved)
  • Hos versus si legas, obliviscere manus scribentis: tantum te diligo, ut in dulcibus cogitationibus non maneam, si ratio me patiatur.


There are depths that love can not overcome, despite the strength of its wings. (Honoré de Balzac)
  • Profunda sunt quae amor non obstante alarum robore superare potest.


Love is the element in which we live. Without it just vegetate. (Lord Byron)
  • Amor elementum est in quo vivimus. sine qua mox uegetat.


Calm can not be in love, because what has been achieved is that never a new starting point to want more. (Marcel Proust)
  • Tranquillitas in amore esse non potest, quia id quod consecutum est numquam novum incipit esse ut plus cupiat.


Life is the flower, the honey of love. (Victor Hugo)
  • Vita est flos, mel amoris.


Men would always be the first love of a woman. Women like to be the last love of a man. (Oscar Wilde)
  • Viri semper primus amor muliebris esset. Mulieres similes esse hominis ultimum amorem.


The supreme happiness of life is to be loved for who you are, or rather, to be loved despite what you are. (Victor Hugo)
  • Ultima felicitas in vita est amanda pro quis es, vel potius amandus es, quamvis id quod es.


Ben just loves the one who manages to express in words how much he loves. (Dante Alighieri)
  • Ben tantum amat eos qui verbis exprimere potest quantum amat.


Women are made to be loved, not to be understood. (Oscar Wilde)
  • Mulieres amandae fiunt, non intelligendae.


My impetus is infinite as the sea, and no less profound is my love; The more you do, the more you have a gift, for both are infinite. (Juliette Capulet in Romeo, William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet)
  • Momentum meum infinitum est sicut mare, et amor meus non minus profundus est; Quo plus agitis, eo plus habetis donum, quia utrumque infinitum est.


It must sound a bit like understanding, but we need to be a little different from loving each other. (Paul Bourget)

  • Intellectus parum sonare debet, sed nos parum dissimiles esse ab invicem diligendo.
  • 66.

    When we resist the passions, it is more because of their weakness than our strength. (François de La Rochefoucauld)
    • Passionibus resistimus, magis propter infirmitatem quam propter vires.


    Everything I love loses half of its pleasure if you are not there to share with me. (José Ortega y Gasset)
    • Omne quod amo, dimidium ejus voluptatis amittit, si mecum non communicas.


    Many say that love conquers those who flee, others who win those who wait. I say that love just wins in love and even if it has not been paid is always the winner, because love is the noblest thing that man can do. (Susanna Tamaro)
    • Multi dicunt quod amor eos qui fugiunt, alios vincit sperantibus. Dico quod amor solum vincit in amore et etiam si solutum non est, semper est victor, quia amor est nobilissimum quod facere homo potest.


    Love is this: that two solitudes protect, touch, meet. (Rainer Maria Rilke)
    • Amor est iste: duas solitudines tueantur, tangant, conveniant.


    To love someone is to desire to grow old beside him. (Albert Camus)
    • Amare aliquem est velle apud illum consenescere.


    I would be lost if I lived a moment without you. (Ugo Foscolo)
    • Si vixi momento sine te pereat


    Love is not to look at each other; is looking in the same direction. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
    • Amor non se mutuo intuetur; spectat eodem.


    He only likes what you do not have at all. (Marcel Proust)
    • Is tantum amat quod omnino non habes.


    Amor, with how much effort I earn today! And if not, that drives to hope, death would fall, where I long to live longer. (Francesco Petrarca, song book)
    • Amor, quam difficile mereor hodie! Sin autem, quod in spem tendit, cadet mors, ubi diutius vivere desidero.


    What is boring love is the fact that it is a crime in which you can not do without an accomplice. (Charles Baudelaire)
    • Quod amor taedet, hoc crimen est in quo sine conscio facere non potes.


    Love, too deep and desperate, is always sweet. (Giacomo Leopardi)
    • Amor nimis alta et desperata semper dulcis est.


    It ‘a show for the gods in the eyes of the two lovers. (Wolfgang Goethe)
    • Est spectaculum deorum in oculis duorum amantium.


    This love is all that exists is all I know about love. (Emily Dickinson)
    • Hic amor est omne quod est de amore scio.


    Conjugal love, which persists through a thousand vicissitudes, it seems to me that the most beautiful miracles. (François Mauriac)
    • Amor coniugalis, qui per mille vicissitudines perseverat, videtur mihi esse pulcherrima miracula.


    Love is not love if it changes by finding that, or tends to disappear when altro s`allontana. Oh no! Love is an always fixed mark that watches the storms and is never shaken; Love does not change with its brief hours and weeks, but carries out even to the brink of ruin; If this error and be on me proved, I do not short, nor any man ever loved. (William Shakespeare)
    • Amor non est amor si mutatur cum reperit, vel cum evanescit. Oh no! Amor est signum semper certum, quod procellas spectat et numquam quatit; Amor brevibus horis et hebdomadibus non mutat, sed perducitur usque ad ruinae partem; Si error hic et de me probatus, non brevis, nec quisquam amavit.

    Phrases in philosophia


    Do not think much, but to love a lot, why do not ‘all you stimuli to love more. (Saint Teresa of Avila)
    • Non multum puto, sed multum amatis, cur non omnes stimuli plus amabunt?


    People who love totally and sincerely are the happiest people in the world. Maybe they have little, maybe they have nothing, but they are happy people. It all depends on how we love each other. (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)
    • Felicissimi homines in mundo qui prorsus et sincere amant. Forsitan parum habent, fortasse nihil habent, sed hi beati sunt. Refert quomodo diligamus invicem.


    The measure of love is to love without measure. (St. Augustine)
    • Quod amor est amor absque mensura mensura.


    How beautiful it is to be in love, and it is interesting to know how to be. (Soren Kierkegaard)
    • Quam pulchrum est amare esse, et interest scire quomodo esse.


    Love is like epidemics: one of the most feared, the most exposed to infection. (Nicolas de Chamfort)
    • Amor pestilentiae similis est: maxime timendus, maxime contagioni obnoxius.


    Love is like luck: he does not like you running after. (Théophile Gautier)
    • Similis est amor fortuna: non placet tibi ut postea curras.


    There is always a grain of madness in love, just as there is always a grain of logic in madness. (Friedrich W. Nietzsche)
    • Granum dementiae semper est in amore, Sicut semper est granum rationis in rabie.


    Fear this sweet feeling is the life of fear, and those who fear life are already dead for three quarters. (Bertrand Russell)
    • Timor dulcis sensus est vita timoris, et qui timent vitam, iam sunt mortui.

    "Contemporaneae" phrases


    We remember those who have long loved, less time that has loved us. (Gesualdo Bufalino)
    • Qui tantopere nos amasse meminimus, minus temporis qui nos dilexit.


    There can be no deep disappointment where there is no deep love. (Martin Luther King)
    • Alta destitutio nulla potest esse ubi nullus est altus amor.


    To love does not mean to find perfection, but to forgive the terrible defects. (Rosamunde Pilcher)
    • Amare non significat perfectionem invenire, sed terribilia vitia donare.


    Love, impossible to define! (Giacomo Casanova)
    • Amor, definiri non potest!


    Special women are accomplices and smile; the other competitors and acidify. (Livia Cassemiro)
    • Praecipuae feminae complices sunt et rident; alterum competitores ac acidificare.


    Gold is not everything … there is also platinum … (Scrooge Scrooge)
    • Aurum non omnia ... Est etiam platinum .


    I want all of you forever.
    • Volo vos omnes in perpetuum.


    It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved. (Samuel Butler)
    • Melius est amasse et amisisse, quam nunquam amasse.


    My heart beats when a see you.
    • palpitat cor meum cum te videro.


    Love is the surprise to discover you, to discover the sweetness of a caress, the joy of being near you. (Alan Douar)
    • Mirum est amor detegendi, dulcedinis blanditiae, laetitiam inveniendi tibi proximam.


    I do not want to be mancarti when you are alone, but when you have everything and despite everything that you feel that I miss you still. (Huga Flamme)
    • Nolo esse mancarti cum solus es, sed cum omnia habeas et tamen omnia, sentis me adhuc desidero.


    Why did you give me a hand? Why good things usually hang on. (Tumblr)
    • Cur dedisti mihi manum? Quare bona plerumque exspecto.

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