The Sword of Damocles

This legend was created by Cicero, a great literary philosopher in Roman times.

The story transcure in the kingdom of Syracuse, IV century BC.
Damocles was an esteemed courtier during the reign of Dionysus I the tyrant.
Legend has it that Damocles tried to obtain favors from the king by flattering him over and over again, although deep down he was envious of him for his powers and wealth.

the sword of damocles legend

There were many who secretly hated King Dionysus for his reputation as a tyrant and cruel. But Damocles did not see how hard it could be to be in the position of the king, he only saw his money.
So one day he told her.

  • My king, how happy you must be! He possesses everything a man yearns for… power, money, women.

To which the king, already tired of so much adulation, replied that for a day they could change their positions. Damocles could finally enjoy all the king's great luxuries, if only for a few hours. Damocles bounced with joy and was very happy.

The next morning he arrived so happy at the palace, each and every one of the servants bowed before him, he was able to eat the most succulent food in the kingdom and he enjoyed beautiful women dancing for him. It was one of the best days of his life, yet something suddenly changed when he looked up at the ceiling. Above his own head was hanging a huge and sharp sword, suspended from a horse's mane that at any moment could fall and cause misfortune.

It was at that precise moment that Damocles could already continue enjoying all the joys of being king, at least for one day in the same way. Dionysus realized that he had seen the sword hanging and said: Damocles, why are you worried about the sword? I too am exposed to numerous dangers day after day that could make me disappear.

Damocles did not want to continue with the change of positions and told Diniosio that he had to go.
At this exact moment Damocles could see that so much power and wealth had a great negative part, that his head could be cut off by the sword at any moment. Thus he did not wish to be in the king's position ever again.


  • Let's not judge others, we don't know where they are. Perhaps from the outside it seems that they are much better than us but we do not know the weight they can carry.
  • Neither power nor riches will make you happier and if they do it will be momentarily. Everything is temporary, even life.

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