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Hello dear reader, we welcome you to UniProyecta. Here we think that education and culture should be free for all, man or woman, child or adult. Therefore, on this page you will find the knowledge that we have been compiling in the form of articles to help you in your training. If you are not sure how to find what you are looking for, we will help you with a short summary of what you will find on this site.

Learn french

One of our strengths is the French language, which we have learned thanks to books and trips to France and Canada. In this section we teach lessons for all levels: from beginner to the most advanced.

Learn English

Today it is impossible not to need knowledge of English. In the television, social networks and video games you will find segments or words taken from English. Therefore, we have prepared these articles to learn English and improve your level.

Other languages

Naturally, not all of them are English or French, there are many other very nice and useful languages ​​to learn. Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Italian are just some examples of what we have prepared.

Greek myths

We now turn to the culture section, specifically we are going to revisit the origin of ours, Ancient Greece. There is nothing better than a good story of gods and warriors to clear the mind and learn with our ancestors.


And finally, in this category we include everything that has no place in a more specific section.

And that's all! We hope you enjoy your stay at UniProyecta And remember that if you have any questions or problems you can contact us using the contact form or in the comments section at the end of each lesson. Greetings, Internet user!